Scripts: Here are the scripts I wrote in my freshman year of college! Some of these were created through prompts given by the professor and others were thought of from scratch. In addition, I have taken a few of these scripts and have shot them! 

Cycles Unbroken: The Black Hole of Love (Filmed!):                   Mind Games Script: 

Cycles Unbroken: The Black Hole of Love
Mind Games Script

The Rule of Three Script (Act 1 Filmed!):                     February's Over Script (Filmed!): 

The Rule of Three Script
February's Over Script

Just Listen Script:                 Happy Halloween Script (Filmed!): 

Just Listen Script
Happy Halloween Script

Sleep Paralysis Script:

Sleep Paralysis Script

Writing: These are some of my creative writing samples as well as my published reviews. 

Writing Sample

This short story is about a girl who thinks she is the last person left on earth after the apocalypse but is not. I published this piece onto a website called Teen Ink. I am currently in the works of turning this short story into a novel with even more plot twists that readers can enjoy. I have had this story professionally translated into my native language - Korean - but plan on having it translated into more languages after the novel is finished. 

Writing Sample

This piece was written based off of an image.  While looking at this image, I got a burst of inspiration to write a heartbreaking, fantasy, and eerie short story. 

EBPL Book Reviews

TeenInk Movie Reviews 

Also featured on Teen Ink magazine – October 2021 (page 37)